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The Jack Knives Announce New Album!

The Jack Knives Set to Re-Ignite the Punk Rock Scene with the Release of "Ghost Radio" on Fumie Records.

The Jack Knives, the melodic punk rock force from Orange County, CA, are poised to unleash their highly anticipated sophomore album, "Ghost Radio," available on all digital platforms on March 8, 2024.

Known for their anthemic, heartfelt tunes, The Jack Knives have cultivated a global following since their inception in 2018, with devoted fan bases sprouting across the US, Europe, and Asia.

Following the success of their 2019 demo release and their first home-recorded album in 2023, fans and critics alike have been eagerly awaiting the band's next musical chapter. The anticipation heightened with the revelation that the lead singles from "Ghost Radio" were produced by Raul "Riff" Cuellar (Green Day, Nofx).

The lead single, "Are You Listening?," released in June 2023, made waves with its infectious energy and quickly caught the attention of the punk rock scene, marking The Jack Knives as the band to watch. The fiercely independent spirit that has defined the band's journey remains a driving force, and lead singer Si Short emphasizes, "We've always just kind of done our own thing over here, quietly building our community of friends and fans without anyone noticing and we like it that way."

"Ghost Radio" promises to be the record the punk rock scene has been waiting for, tackling the craving for authenticity in new rock music. With anthems that cut to the hearts and souls of listeners, the record is a throwback with a modern twist, showcasing what just might be the eight most important melodic punk rock songs of the last decade.

Front-man Si Short shares, "This record works however you want to listen, shuffle it in your car and blast it one single at a time, or turn out the lights and play it loud from start to finish in your room. Ghost Radio is a record of realization and reflection, telling a story of battling through life to get where we are, reminding us of the good times, the bad times, and the worst times, but all the while being grateful we made it this far."

Ghost Radio" is a testament to The Jack Knives' commitment to providing punk rock fans with the genuine sound they've been missing. The album caters to all generations, welcoming fans who grew up with the genre and who've successfully weathered life's storms, and for those craving a familiar new sound.

Welcome to The Jack Knives family, where the "Ghost Radio" is set to play loud and connect you back with the very essence of the genre.

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